Our Service

Departure Service

Managing the end of an assignment can be just as complex as beginning one. Interway Departure Services program is to ensure a smooth, stress-free return home or onward move for the assignee and their family. Our service team ensures that nothing is overlooked as you prepare to embark on the next phase of your life.

Services include:
  • Visa Cancellation Services
  • Lease Cancellation and return of security deposit
  • Utility Service Cancellation and Disconnection
  • Cable TV and Internet Cancellation
  • Move-out inspection and handover of keys
  • Negotiate any damages claims on the property
  • Move-out Cleaning Service
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Sale and disposal of unwanted items
  • Closing of bank accounts and other assignment related memberships
  • Assistance with organizing important records and documents (school reports, medical records, and legal documents)
  • Arranging temporary accommodation prior to departure if required